Onychopathology is a specialized field of dermatopathology that focuses on the study and diagnosis of nail disorders. It encompasses the examination of various conditions affecting the nails, including fungal infections, trauma-related nail abnormalities, autoimmune disorders like psoriasis, and nail changes associated with systemic diseases. Onychopathologists use both clinical observations and microscopic analysis of nail samples to identify and classify these conditions accurately. The health and appearance of nails are essential aspects of overall well-being, and precise diagnosis through onychopathology is critical for guiding treatment and improving nail health. This field plays a crucial role in dermatology, contributing to enhanced patient care and a deeper understanding of nail-related diseases.

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    August 21-22, 2024

    4th World Pathology Conference

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    September 23-24, 2024

    22nd Annual Pathology Congress

    Dubai, UAE

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